‘Veralliaglassriders’ in Douro Grandfondo 2018

‘Veralliaglassriders’ in Douro Grandfondo 2018

The Douro Grandfondo 2018, whose theme was "the family", once again counted on the presence of some elements of the Verallia Glass Riders.

With a theme as sensitive and close as the family, one of our collaborators, he confided to us that for him "the family means starting a project that begins when two or more people decide to fight for the same dream or objective. The same happens in personal life that resembles a cycling event, always pedals to achieve the goal with the least number of possible jolts. This is the family at home, or the company where we work. It all comes down to this, a word that can accommodate our projects, which can be the well of affection, love, comfort and the heart and keeps us faithful to what we want to conquer.

It was in this spirit of friendship that once again our employees took part in one of the biggest national cycling events, combining clear, colors and the name Verallia Portugal to the sport and consequently to health, team spirit and personal overcoming.

Verallia Portugal welcomes the participants of this year, Pedro Gonçalo Ferreira, Pedro Bessa and Pedro Canais, in a competition that counted on more than 3,000 participants, in a scenario that is familiar to them by the millions of bottles that are produced to receive the true nectar of the Wine of the Porto and other prestigious wines.

Everyone gave their best and everyone finished well, in a beautiful setting, but hard with great climbs and very hot, nothing to scare the "Verallianos" who went in search of the finish line and who reached or were not "accustomed to the heat ".

Source: Pedro Bessa