Verallia Portugal’s action: Garrafita goes to Schools 2018 Results

Verallia Portugal’s action: Garrafita goes to Schools  2018 Results

Verallia Portugal builds and disseminates, in a continuous and integrated way, social values which extend from the factory to the community space, focused on safety, well-being, health and transparent communication.

Through this will of promoting its good practices, Verallia Portugal launched, in March 2018, the project “Garrafita goes to Schools”.
This activity, with a theoretical-practical component, began with a playful lecture where the children found out about key concepts such as environmental education, the 3R’s, safety at work, as well as about the key processes of the glass industry which enabled them to get to know the company better, and to adapt these teachings to their daily lives.

The Mascot, “Garrafita”, challenged the children to participate in a game in which each one of them could be the main character, in this great adventure which is the Protection of our Environment. With focus on sustainability, recycling and the organization’s values, this initiative intended to transmit to the children essential values such as the need to preserve the ecosystems, individual and interpersonal safety, as well as to show the multiple forms of participating: reusing resources, reducing waste, helping spread the message in their circles.
Besides the educational component focused on the environment, with this project Verallia focused on a more active proximity of the community to its industrial unit, by showing what they do every day in order to achieve a sustainable development.

This project was elected in October 2018 “The Best Iberian Practice”, in the context of the Verallia Industrial Management (VIM) program.

Thus, through a language that is engaging and adapted to the ages, in a playful and fun way, in this first year of the action “Garrafita goes to Schools”, Verallia Portugal went to 8 schools and reached 345 children, including 115 pre-school children and 230 Primary School children.

Next year, “Garrafita” will go to new schools with new actions and new surprises!

Because together, we build the Future!