Verallia Portugal sponsors the “Vinhos Verdes” Gala

Verallia Portugal sponsors the “Vinhos Verdes” Gala

In Porto, at Palácio da Bolsa, held on April 29th the “Vinhos Verdes” Gala to give the prize to "Best Green 2016", organized by Comissão de Viticultura da Região dos Vinhos Verdes.

The Comissão de Viticultura da Região dos Vinhos Verdes (CVRVV) released on 29th April, the "Best Green 2016," including the six references that will be the "ambassadors" of the northern region for the actions of external promotion planned for this year.

In "Best Of 2016" included the wines: QG Avesso Colheita selected Harvest 2015; Quinta das Alvaianas Alvarinho Selected Harvest 2015; Quinta das Pereirinhas Alvarinho Superior 2015; Quinta de Gomariz Great Choice 2015; Reguengo de Melgaço Alvarinho 2015; and Terras de Monção Alvarinho 2014. These wines were awarded at the annual gala of CVRVV held at Palácio da Bolsa in Porto, after being chosen by a jury of critics and journalists from Germany, Brazil, Canada, USA, Japan, Norway, UK, Sweden, Switzerland and Portugal.

In the event that were also distinguished 25 harvest of the year in the categories gold and silver, selected by a national tasters panel, the president of (vinho verde) green wine commission, Manuel Pinheiro, provides for a year "promising" after a harvest what it called "excellent in quality and quantity”.

Luís Baeta – Commercial for North region in Verallia Portugal gave the Gold award to Sociedade Agrícola S. Veríssimo, Lda.