Verallia Portugal sponsors the National Olive Oil contest in Portugal

Verallia Portugal patrocinou o Concurso Nacional de Azeites de Portugal

The National Olive Oil Competition Portugal took place in Santarém between 2th and 3th of May at the National Exhibition Centre (CNEMA) and had as official sponsor to Verallia Portugal.

This competition organized by CNEMA and the Center for Studies and Promotion of the Alentejo Olive oil (CEPAAL), under the National Agricultural Fair / Ribatejo Fair, had a Tasting Panel Official and exclusive, which integrated reference professionals in sensory analysis of virgin olive oils, both domestic and foreign.

The winners were awarded bronze medals, silver, gold, gold-DOP and prestige. Winners can see displayed HERE. The evolution of the competition over the years attests to the level and scale that it has reached not only the number of participants, but also the quality of the products presented.

This competition was, once again, with the sponsorship and support of Verallia Portugal, an enriching partnership and focusing on proximity, with the focus on national and high quality products to enrich and uplift the country, both internally and externally.