Verallia Portugal sponsored Ceremony of ‘Vinhos Verdes’

Verallia Portugal sponsored Ceremony of  ‘Vinhos Verdes’

Last 24th April, in Palácio da Bolsa, Porto, took place the Ceremony of Best of Vinho Verde 2015 with organization Viticulture Commission of the Vinho Verde Region.

Palácio da Bolsa had room full on the night of April 24. The guests enjoyed dinner that featured a glamour menu to follow with delicious Vinhos Verdes, the best wines of the region.
During this ceremony, not only celebrated the best ‘vinhos verdes’, but all presents are celebrated sales too, which are constantly increasing, being beneficial for the economy and the region. The increase in sales has led to a greater knowledge of ‘vinhos verdes’ and recognition of their quality as wine, across borders.
‘Vinhos verdes’ evolved with regard to quality wines it modernized and according to consumer’s preferences, which leads to an increase in consumption. With regard to higher segments, these wines are growing significantly, which is very positive for the region and for the country.
One of the topics discussed in the ceremony was the planting of new vineyards due to the production of 2014 didn’t have accompanied sales due to growth, and for 2016 there will be an increase of 1% per year.
The commercial of this region, Luís Baeta, handed the Award of the ‘Verde Honor’ to Adega Ponte da Barca.