Verallia Portugal presents new Advertising Campaign

Verallia Portugal presents new Advertising Campaign

Verallia Portugal presented, in 17th February, in first hand, its new advertise of wines with the theme “Pleasure”, in the ceremony of The Bests of 2016 that had place in Conference Centre in Alfândega, Oporto, organized by Revista De Vinhos.

This advertising campaign is based on differentiation and an intrinsic characteristic of glass, composed by 5 advertises that presents the principals sectors market of Verallia Portugal.

The goal of this advertising campaign was show the best that glass packaging has to offer through emotion and by personification of products, and also emphasize the benefits of this material as the best choice to protect drinks and food with a safety and healthy way. Glass packages are in our daily routine and this campaign show it by a natural way.

The first poster presented is to wine market with the theme “Pleasure”, full of glamor and elegance, shows one glass bottle in a table with the following text: “GLASS. LIFE ALWAYS FULL. Glass makes everything more lightly, more intense, tastier. And not only our food and our drinks, but also our best moments. It is clean: with glass, our life comes fuller.

The previous advertising campaign of Verallia Portugal won 2 big primes, “The Best Advertising Campaign of the Year” in 2014 by Revista de Vinhos and the prime Communication Star by Saint-Gobain in 2015 like “The Best Advertising Campaign”.