Verallia Portugal presents new advertisement

Verallia Portugal presents new advertisement

Verallia Portugal, presents its new advertisement, full of glamor as the sophistication of the packaging glass demands it.

Through its aesthetic, this ad seeks to appeal to new positive emotional and sensory experiences, provoking a "real" feeling of identification while recalling flavors, moments and dreams.
With this announcement Verallia Portugal humanizes the products and creates an affective relationship based on the proximity to its customers and the essence of glass with quality, innovation and excellence.

Thus, Verallia Portugal brings together in a "family photo" some of its products and presents the best packaging glass to offer through the personification of the products as well as highlights the benefits of this material as the best choice to protect beverages and the food being safe and healthy.

The narrative surrounding the ad indicates that the Glass has life and is the best option: "GLASS. LIFE ALWAYS IN FULL. The glass makes everything brighter, more intense, more palatable. And not just our food and our drinks, but also our best moments. It is transparent: with glass, life itself becomes fuller."

Verallia is present in different markets: still wines and sparkling wine, spirit drinks, soft drinks, beer, non-alcoholic beverages and food segments.

The glass packaging is part of our daily life and this ad demonstrates it in a natural and familiar way.