Verallia Portugal and the "Garrafita goes to Schools" on the local community

Verallia Portugal and the "Garrafita goes to Schools" on the local community

On May 22nd, the 3rd show of the project "Garrafita vai às Escolas", which differentiation about Social and Environmental Responsibility.

This project, which started in March in Figueira da Foz, and started in April in Coimbra, has now returned to its origin, reinforcing its proximity to local communities.

This time, and for the first time, in the 1st Cycle of Basic Education, in the Jardim João de Deus School in Figueira da Foz, which was the 3rd show of this project, which aggregates innumerable environmental concepts, aims to reach more and more schools in kindergarten and the 1st Cycle of Basic Education.

Verallia Portugal constructs and disseminates, in a continuous and integrated way, social values ​​that extend from the factory to the community space. It is through this desire to promote good practices that the project "Garrafita vai às Escolas" was born.

This activity, with a theoretical-practical component, starts with a playful lecture where children discover key concepts such as environmental education, 3R's, safety at work, as well as the key glass industry processes that allow them to know better the company, and adapt these behaviors to the day-to-day. The Mascot, 'Garrafita', challenges children to participate in a game where everyone can participate, in this great adventure that is the "Protection of our Environment", focusing on material - glass, sustainability and recycling for the protection of our planet.

Because together, we build the Future!