Verallia Glass Riders presentes no mítico Granfondo 2019

Verallia Glass Riders presentes no mítico Granfondo 2019

It was for the greatness and hardness that is always present in this one, the most mythical Granfondo 2019 that is realized in Portugal that 4 Glassriders decided, on the 2nd of June, to face those walls that put to the test any human being.

“Pedro Bessa, Pedro Ferreira, Filipe Pinhão and Rui Nascimento, (last colleague that even not being Verallia’s collaborators as many others still wear our sweater) went on the road. Going up, down, taking advantage of supplies to store energy, helping to rise, always with the mission to cut the finish line as the team that we try to be, where what prevails is friendship, conviviality and above all a will power that does not let us give up even when physical conditions are not the best as we can always count on each other to overcome difficulties. This year Gerês was truly mythical, it was the same course of the first in 2015 in which we participated in large numbers and that was in our memory as the beginning of all these adventures.
And to show that Verallia is always present, the participation kit contains a bottle of Verallia glass with the Cadão wine.
Ready for next challenge! The Verallia Glassriders team will be there always with the same spirit, dedication and friendship! "

As Miguel Torga said, "There are places in the world that are like certain human existences: everything fits together so that nothing is lacking in its greatness and perfection, the Gerês is one of them."

Together, we build the Future!

Source: Pedro Bessa – Verallia Portugal Employee