The world is our home, and it is up to us to take care of its well being, to preserve it, and to make it both pleasant and comfortable. Its equilibrium is very delicate and fragile, and our common survival depends on it. 

The exploitation of natural resources and the transformation of these resources are essential in the quest for progress and increasing the standard of living.  Verallia Portugal recognizes that its industrial and commercial activities do have an impact on the environment, and therefore it is of inherent importance to manage this sustainable development (from an environmental perspective), applying both resources and management to ensure the implementation of environmentally friendly production processes.

Glass is 100% recyclable 

Verallia Portugal considers that the key priority for its business and marketing of glass packaging, the quality of its products and services, minimising environmental impact and  risks to the health and safety of its employees resulting from their work and Food Safety of the end product to the consumer, manifesting itself in favour of sustainable development.

With this in mind the company methods of treating industrial effluents, not only to meet discharge limits demanded by the Environmental Permit but also to minimise industrial impacts due to its activity.

Verallia Portugal has been reducing the pollutant load of its emissions into the atmosphere over the years. Concentrating on these primary measures:

  • Optimization of combustion from the burner;
  • Use of low NOX burners;
  • Use of natural gas over other fossil fuels;
  • Increasing the amount of hull size;
  • Deactivating some emission sources;
  • Installation of Electro-filters in the chimneys of the melting furnaces.

Verallia Portugal contributes on an ongoing basis to respect the environment and social wellbeing through proper management and the use of the most modern technological equipment.