Sparkling Wine ‘São Domingos Elpídio 80 branco 2011’ wins Competition of Sparkling Wine Bairrada 2017 with the Sponsorship of Verallia Portugal

Sparkling Wine ‘São Domingos Elpídio 80 branco 2011’ wins Competition of Sparkling Wine Bairrada 2017 with the Sponsorship of Verallia Portugal

Sangalhos has hosted “Bairrada Vinho e Sabores”, an event from the Wine Comission of Bairrada and the Municipality of Anadia, with the Sponsorship of Verallia Portugal, and it took place at National Velodrome - High Performance Centre of Sangalhos, while also fostering “Competition of Sparkling Wine Bairrada 2017”, between the 8th and the 10th of September.

This event, which previously was named “Encontro com o Vinho e Sabores Bairrada”, has assumed a new appearance this year, changing its name to “Bairrada Vinhos e Sabores”, but keeping its wine and flavors’ Fair of Bairrada, wine tastings, wine dinners, the Competition of Sparkling Wine of Bairrada and finally, the 2nd Edition of Baga Bairrada Party, which happened at the Bairrada Wine Museum.
One of the highlighted points of the event was the Competition of Sparkling Wine of Bairrada 2017, where ‘São Domingos Elpídio 80 branco 2011’ became champion, with the model Espumante 75 from Verallia Portugal, a limited edition of 4,821 bottles.

This is a premium Sparkling Wine, which “Caves do Solar de São Domingos” has just launched in order to celebrate the 80th company’s anniversary and to honor its founder, Elpídio Martins Semedo.

‘São Domingos Elpídio 80 branco 2011’ is a sparkling wine under the Bairrada designation of origin, produced by classical methods - second fermentation in bottle - it’s the combination result of Pinot Noir (50%) and Pinot Blanc (50%) - which is rather unusual at sparkling wine production in the region. Very elegant and complex of aroma, this sparkling one reveals maturity and freshness, predominating beautiful floral and mineral notes, as well as, suggestions of nuts. Enveloped in the mouth, delicate structure, bubble fine and with a unique creaminess, the final set is noble and sophisticated. Served in a flute 6º-8ºC.
Can be served with cooked seafood, but it also shines as an aperitif, for a toast between friends and family.
The purity and nobility of “São Domingos Elpídio 80 branco 2011” are a result of its 4 years on the basement stage. After the 2nd fermentation in the bottle, the wine stages on yeasts for 48 months at a constant temperature of 12ºC in order to find the perfect balance of richness, taste and elegance. The process of remuage (yeast removal) was carried out over two months; the degorgement glacée, to liberate the yeasts and, finally, the addition of expedition liqueur. After stabilization, achieved after two months, it is ready to go to the market.

It is the 5th consecutive year of this event, and it happens during Wine Harvest. Its promoters- Comissão Vitivinícola da Bairrada (Wine Comission of Bairrada), Anadia Municipality and Turismo do Centro de Portugal- and it appeals to its conceiving ideas: “to promote the best features of this region, getting the most out of Bairrada’s identity by the promotion of its emblematic products, as from wines and sparkling wines of Bairrada- but also its unique gastronomy, focusing on “Leitão à Bairrada”, Mealhada’s bread and its regional confectionary.
Various events have occurred on behalf of “Bairrada Vinhos e Sabores”; such as a competition entitled “Espumantes da Bairrada”, with a selection from the enologist Francisco Antunes. The event had the purpose of promoting region’s touristic offer. Highlighting also the debut of the Photography Contest of Bairrada, it awarded the best portraits of the region, with a special emphasis on the “Wine, Gastronomy and Territory” trilogy.
Among other competitions, it also took place “Bairrada de Ontem e de Hoje, em Viagem por um Terroir Único”, commented by Luís Lopes, and the Competition “Brancos e Tintos da Bairrada. Uma Seleção do Enólogo João Soares.”
Bairrada Vinhos e Sabores, produced by “VINHO Grandes Escolhas” magazine has received the support of “Rota da Bairrada”, “Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho”, ViniPortugal and Verallia Portugal.

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