Project SI I&DT 18590

Saint-Gobain Mondego moved forward with a candidature to Research and Technological Development Incentives Scheme – N. 06/SI/2010, following their goal of development technological project and strength of competitiveness. This project adjust to the goals and priorities of the company because includes a concretization of industrial investigation and experimental development activities that will end in changes at the industrial process level. By other side, with this project Saint-Gobain Mondego will become qualified with new knowledge and tools to the development of news products, and will be able to product incoming products with high increased value, responding to the market demand.

The global investment associated to this project presents the value of €2.338.359,34 of witch €2.079.876,21 was considerate eligible. The prize of concretization of the project consist in a non-refundable incentive, roughly €762.054,65. The term of that project is 01 March of 2011 to 31 December of 2012.
Such development will give Saint-Gobain Mondego conditions to have the most advanced technological and scientific knowledge at the level of industrial process flexibility. It’s intended this work and the obtained experience will be used in future projects of competitiveness reinforcement, intending the glass company to be at technological forefront of industrial process.