Verallia Portugal – 25 years

Verallia Portugal – 25 years

Verallia Portugal celebrated on July 6 its 25 year-anniversary. This event was celebrated in the presence of Dr. Pedro Passos Coelho, Prime Minister of Portugal, and others central and local government officials. Ricardo de Ramon, General Delegate for Saint-Gobain in the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco and Michel Toussaint, General Manager of Verallia Southern Europe also attended the celebration.

This date points out enterprise vitality that Verallia Portugal’s has there are a quarter century. There are 25 years ago and after a particularly difficult period to all that worked here, Packaging Sector decided to extend its activity by acquiring the old site from Vidreira da Fontela.

Verallia Portugal has implemented a successful strategy based on proximity both internal and external level, thereby enhancing the Principles of Loyalty, Health and Safety on the workplace, workers’ rights and in the partnerships with suppliers and customers.  

The 239 employees of Verallia Portugal take part of the universe of 15.000 that work in Packaging Sector an that have proud of the increase and evolution of this company. To this festival moment join us old employees; they are members as well of the team that in these years helped to cement Verallia position in Portugal.

Verallia Portugal count with presence of their principals suppliers, as well with 100 customers that honor Verallia Portugal with their presence, because they are the reason of Verallia Portugal existence. 

At environmental and sustainability level, Verallia Portugal was the first sector plant, in Portugal, to install an electrofilter in an investment that rounds the 4Million euros, that controls and reduces in this way CO2 emissions to atmosphere, anticipating future and protecting present, being one of the factories with the best performances at recycling level (75%).

Verallia Portugal affords too of one Development and Innovation Center with abilities to respond quickly to markets demand and it’s able in industrials terms to give more flexibility. 

Beyond all certifications obtained by Verallia Portugal, positives evaluations that results of ratios analysis, and every internal and external audits that had been participated, also that was been commemorated was the achieve, last 27 of July, the 1.000.000 working hours without accidents. Thus, Verallia Portugal access to a very restrict club that privilege employees safety, at excellence level.  

All the guests, organized by groups, had opportunity to visit the plant that give proud to all employees. The Prime-Minister of Portugal emphasized this company like being an example of excellence to Portuguese market and after visit facilities praised the plant by its operationally and technology.   

During lunch was presented video with old and more recent pictures that reflect the history and evolution of the company. 

The end of lunch was celebrated with a Be-Dom concert that used glass bottlers by Verallia Portugal like musical instrument. After the show, were singing Happy Birthday and the birthday cake came in with visual and pyrotechnic effects. 

At the end of the day, all employees received Porto’s wine bottle conceived specifically to this event, in partnership with Selective Line.

What supports survival is attitude from everyone that believes in Excellence challenge. Day by day, Verallia Portugal communicates trust, strength, proximity and future growth perspectives to all of its customers, suppliers, employees and partners.

This meeting covered itself of an extraordinary importance in that allows raising of awareness to all of Verallia Portugal working, in field of Principals and Goals which it is linked, but always focus in market reality and in reinforcement of existents partnerships. 

The investment gamble in Portugal tested and still testing that Verallia Portugal is on its well way and that every partners trust and count with Verallia Portugal.