Wines from the Monção Winery

Wines from the Monção Winery

With headquartered in Monção and with a Center (wine and grapes reception center) in Melgaço, in the Demarcated Region of Vinhos Verdes, Adega de Monção covers the territory for the election of one of the best Portuguese white varieties: Alvarinho.

Adega Cooperativa Regional de Monção, CRL, was founded on October 11th, 1958, on the initiative of 25 winegrowers, under a movement supported by the State to relaunch the wine sector in Portugal.
With absolutely unique wines, the investment made over the years in the new technologies and the improvement of the facilities made the Adega de Monção one of the best in the country and a pillar of the region's economy.

Currently with 1720 associated producers and vineyard area of 1237 hectares, 60% of which are from the Alvarinho grape variety, and has an annual turnover of more than 12 million euros. The brands "Muralhas de Monção" and "Alvarinho Deu la Deu" became worldwide known.

Wines that make a difference and with competitive prices.

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