Verallia states its presence at the Event “Encontro com Vinhos” (ECV) and “Encontro com Sabores” (ECS), at the Congress Centre of Lisbon

Verallia states its presence at the Event “Encontro com Vinhos” (ECV) and “Encontro com Sabores” (ECS), at the Congress Centre of Lisbon

On the days 10th to 13th of November, the Congress Centre of Lisbon has held its 18th Edition, which counted with approximately 400 producers, both Portuguese and foreigners, and the programme has brought a lot of surprises and innovations, with a clear effort on adding international guests all well as creating stronger bonds between wine and gastronomy.

This event, organized by Masemba and EV-Essência do Vinho, had thousands of wine for tasting, while at the same time a great panoply of commented wine-tasting, such as: “Portos Fantásticos” (Fantastic Port Wine), “Tapada do Chaves: Um Alentejo Clássico” (Tapada do Chaves: A classical Alentejo Wine), “Clássicos Portugueses” (Portuguese classics), “Provam: Alvarinhos de Monção”,along with several conversations focusing on useful themes for a wine expert or a regular wine-taster, like: “Vinhos do Porto para Todas as Ocasiões”(Port Wines for all occasions), “Brancos que Envelhecem” (White Wines that age), “Tintos para o dia-a-dia” (Red Wines for daily consumption) , “Vinhos para as Ceias de Natal” (Wines for Christmas Eve), among many others.

To give emphasis to the international market, ECV had the presence of dozens of foreign specialists (such as journalists and trend-setters), as well as other importers from Europe, Asia, Middle East, Asia, Oceania, North America and South America.

Verallia Portugal is proud of its presence at the event and hopes to reinforce its partnerships with their clients.

On this 18th Edition, ECV will also reinforce the connection between wine and gastronomy, with an innovative ECS, which will receive the “XIII Congresso dos Cozinheiros” (XIII Cooker Congress), this year inserted on ENCONTRO COM SABORES (Meeting with Flavours), by the name “Produtos e Produtores” (Products and Producers). 28 well-known chefs have taken the stage of the Congress, while exchanged some ideas about their jobs, their roots, the future, products and sustainability.

Still focusing on gastronomy, ECS also displayed some consumer goods, aiming mostly on products related to wine and olive oil, as well as harmonisations that they allow to create.

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