Selecção 1927 received Grand Gold award in international competition

Selecção 1927 received Grand Gold award in international competition

The Super Bock Selection 1927 beers were awarded in last 2019 edition of the Frankfurt International Trophy.
Verallia Portugal, produces the capacity 33cl (exclusive model), as well as the bottle 75cl: ‘Espumante 75’.

This competition, Frankfurt International Trophy, evaluates more than 2,000 products among wines, beers and spirits from 39 countries, attributed the Grand Gold and the distinction of "Best Portuguese Beer" to Thames Porter and the gold medal to Munich Dunkel.
The Super Bock Selection 1927 Thames Porter was awarded the Grand Gold in the category Stout / Porter and won the title of "Best Portuguese Beer", and was distinguished by the intensity of the dark color and the core of smoked and caramelized malt offered to beer a sweet and toasted flavor, ideal to harmonize with red meats and chocolate desserts.
Also, Super Bock Selecção 1927 Munich Dunkel won the first prize and was considered one of the best beers by assuming itself with a rich aroma of malt, chocolate and nuts with an elegant finish of mouth and a discreet bitterness.

Super Bock Selecção 1927 was the most awarded Portuguese beer at the Frankfurt International Trophy. This is the largest beer testing and evaluation competition in Germany, where sommeliers, master brewers and consumers are called to evaluate beers from around the world.

Super Bock Selecção 1927 range consists of beers of different styles, developed with passion by the Super Bock Group Brew Masters.

Source: Grande Consumo