JMF wines elected flavor of 2017

JMF wines elected flavor of 2017

JMF in red wine and white wine of José Maria da Fonseca was recently rewarded with the stamp FLAVOR OF THE YEAR 2017, and are integrated in a range of 11 wines distinguished by regular costumer of this kind of product whom valuate the flavor, the smell, the texture, the aspect and the global satisfaction.

This stamp is assigned by a group of consumers in a blind prove, so they don’t know what brand they are proving. To pass the exam of Gustatory Quality and receive the certification of Flavor of the Year, the product must convince the consumers, achieving a minimum note of 6 in 10 and the highest among competing products.

JMF is the entrance wine of José Maria da Fonseca, origin in Península de Setúbal. It is a wine accessible to all consumers, it have been maintained the quality and reputation cross the years. With a red wine and a white wine in its portfolio, JMF is perfect to relax moments of living together and joy, in family or with friends.

House built in the 19th century in Vila Nogueira de Azeitão it is the local where meet the old Wineries and it is showed the work of 7 Generations.

With this new label it is intended to create a new picture, appealing and actual, that shows the origin of the wine and teases in consumers an immediately empathy. Thus, and because the own wine name are the initials of the mother-house, it has been thought that the same was an allusion to the Museum-House of José Maria da Fonseca, where everything had been started, since more 180 years.

Sales Price Recommended, JMF Red Wine and White Wine: 2,49€ (750ml).

(in Press release of JMF)