Interview - Victor Damião

Interview - Victor Damião

Victor Damião- President of the Winery of Cantanhede

What are the top moments of 2017 of the Winery of Cantanhede in what concerns wine industry?
The year of 2017 was a year that along with the winery pathway was marked by several conquers as well as some updates. In relation to the recognition, we have been rewarded with the Best Winery Cooperative of the decade 2007-2017 by “Paixão Pelo Vinho” Magazine, and our oenologist, Osvaldo Amado, rewarded as Oenologist by Merit. Our wines had received 81 medals. What it comes to our portfolio, the enhancement of our range of sparkling wines with MARQUÊS DE MARIALVA Bical & Arinto Reserva 2014 have had a warm welcome by specialty critics and also by consumers.

In what way the Winery’s brands have developed? Which of them have a growing tendency?
Our primary brand, ambassadress of our best quality products is MARQUÊS DE MARIALVA, which has been, for a number of years, the leading brand of Bairrada DOC wine sales. Focusing not only on brand but also on categories, the biggest growing tendency is clearly aimed on sparkling wines, where Bairrada and specially WINERY OF CANTANHEDE has such quality and history.

What are the expectations of growth in 2018?
The year of 2017 was an uplifting year, on which we achieved a sales record, closer to 5500M, registering an above average performance evolution of the Wine chain. Generically, the outcome was positive, both at internal and external market. This creates an encouraging background for 2018, and we hope to be able to reinforce our position in every market on which we operate.


Victor Damião in confidence

Which movie would you choose to join a good wine from your winery?
- Dr. Jivago (Omar Sharif and Julie Christie)
A magnificent love story, in the middle of the Russian Revolution and the whiteness of snow, combined with a spine-chilling soundtrack.
- The Guns of Navarone (Gregory Peck,Anthony Quinn,David Niven) (Gregory Peck,Anthony Quinn,David Niven)
Framed on the World War II, on a nearly impossible mission, the aim is to attack and destroy a German Military Base, with sophisticated and dangerous weaponry, placed on a remote Greek island. Boldness, courage, determination and a feeling of victory and accomplishment.

The best books you have ever read?
- The Old Man and the Sea (Ernest Hemingway) (Ernest Hemingway)
At Cuba, on the early 50’s, a story of an old sailor man and his adventure at open seas, in order to fish and bring a gigantic swordfish inside his little boat. A great simplicity of an almost poetic narrative, where it is emphasized themes of nature, luck, destiny, the importance of having perseverance, and lastly…sea, sea, sea… which I’m very fond of!
- On the Road (Jack Kerouack) (Jack Kerouack)
A wild journey that passes through America and Mexico, which reading has marked me throughout my boyhood (with exception of the psychedelic experiences…) which took me to the will of travelling without made-up plans, and put into practice on an auto-caravan, over several years, through Europe and Morocco.

Your life motto?
To have a good way of living life, with intelligence, capacity of listening others, but mostly, to have a good relationship with everyone around me and establishing good friendships, as well as finding happiness on a daily basis.