ERVIDEIRA | Interview

ERVIDEIRA | Interview

Duarte Leal da Costa – Administrator

“The estates of Monte da Ribeira and Herdadinha belong to the Leal da Costa family, a direct descendant of Count of Ervideira, who was a successful farmer in the 19th and 20th centuries. What are the tips for maintaining this historical aspect in the daily life connected to the innovation and technology of the 21st century?
Working in wines and agriculture has a very strong passion component, love for the land and for the activity; therefore, there is a stronger connection to the activity, which leads to this succession of generations.

The ERVIDEIRA wines have been distinguished in several national and international competitions.
What is the “secret” of all this success?
Business has to be managed by objectives, and our clear objective is to work Ervideira wines in the premium and super-premium ranges and we do not deviate from that objective.

How did the Ervideira Wine Shop appear?
What is the main characteristic of each Wine Shop? Ervideira Wine Shop Adega, Ervideira Wine Shop Évora and Ervideira Wine Shop Monsaraz.
Since 2002 we have had some development of Wine Tourism, and in 2010 we had to increase our staff, specifically for this area, and we did not limit ourselves to waiting for the “passers-by” but dedicated ourselves to the “incoming”. The results came immediately, being the area with the highest growth in Ervideira since then.
But there is an old saying which goes “if the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet will go to the mountain”, and that’s what we did with Ervideira Wine Shop. For those who do not visit the winery, we put Wine Tourism points along the waypoints of the tourists, where the only thing they do not do is visit the winery, but otherwise they have contact with all our references.
This area already represents almost 20% of our total billings!

What are the main investments that have been made so far in Ervideira? What are the results?
Wow!!!!, the winery, the vineyards, more tanks, more shops, more Ervideira Wine Lounge, I have to slow down the investments because the company is always developing new investments!!!
Of course these have been calculated, with reduced risk and the results always being achieved.

“Glass bottle & Wine are a perfect symbiosis.” Do you agree?
Glass bottle and cork stopper are undeniable data in wine, any other solution distorts the meanings of wine, which are pleasure, family, friends, gastronomy…
Thus, if anyone wants Ervideira, they will have to take glass bottle and cork stoppers.
One day a client asked me for 80.000 bottles with aluminium cap, I replied that he would have to find another supplier because Ervideira has in Our logo all the words that are our Mission, which are: History, Pleasure; Quality; Solidity; Distinction; Emotion; Gastronomy; Trust; Difference; Terroir; Tradition; Family; Excellence and Future, and all these words are part of our logo.


In confidence:

Which Ervideira wine would accompany your favourite meal?
White wines, Invisível, or Conde D’Ervideira Reserva Branco
Red wines, Vinho da Água, or Conde D’Ervideira Private Selection

What were the most important book and film in your life and why?
The book that was very important to me was “The Little Prince”, (I must have read it at least 5 times and I always find something to think about. The book that was important to me in professional terms was “foco”.

What could be the “slogan” of your life?
Difficult answer, maybe Work Well!

If you were not working in this area, what could have been your job?
Organic Chemistry, or Biochemistry, which I studied at the university.