Adega Cooperativa de Murça honor county with new wine brand

Adega Cooperativa de Murça homenageia concelho com nova marca de vinho

Adega Cooperativa de Murça launched a new brand of wine to mark 792 years of the award of the first Foral the Murça, passed by King Sancho II.

The new red wine Foral de Murça was presented at a ceremony held at Largo do Pelourinho, in Murça, with a historical representation of the assignment of a letter by King Sancho II.
The medieval era in which prevailed the Letter of Leasehold - real document that gave permission to a location to be transformed into municipality, regulating its administration, duties and privileges - was the basis of inspiration for the creative concept of the new wine brand Foral de Murça.

In addition to the bottle of 75cl, the commemorative reference presents a "magnum" version.
"The label of the fund was used a map with indication of Murça and a small section of the charter, dated May 8, 1224 by King D. Sancho II. The colors were given prevalence to gold and used gray, using the original spelling, a design which refers to medieval times”, explains the Adega Cooperativa de Murça.