4.ª Edition of “Port Wine Day”

4.ª Edition of “Port Wine Day”

On the last 10th of September, it was celebrated Port Wine Day, as well as the creation of the most acclaimed Delimited Wine Region of the World- Douro.
In order to point out the date, the “Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e Porto” (Port and Douro Wine Institute) has promoted the 4th Edition of Port Wine Day. Verallia Portugal is proud to be a supplier of these major producers.

The program has reunited producers and enologists, cellars, restaurants and local bars, with the most part of the activities happening between Douro and Oporto, counting with the participation of international guests. This year, New York also stepped in, with a Port Wine tasting in The Lofts at Prince (Soho).

Celebrations have started at the beginning of the month, with an annual commemoration of “Companhia Geral de Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro” creation, founded in 1756, today promoting restaurant and bar routes, wine dinners, wine and food harmonization (as for example the harmonization of Napolitana Pizza with Port Wine), among other activities.

At the morning encounter, there were discussed themes related to the distribution and wine consumption of the Asian market, as well as the future of gastronomy and wines harmonization. Next, a trip to Oporto was made; on the board of the historical train “The Presidential”. From 15h30 to 17h30, there was “Regata de Barcos Rabelos” (Rabelos Boat Race), where guests and curious eyes could watch from “the best seats”, which are Oporto and Vila Nova de Gaia riverbanks.
Port Wine day has ended with an open event, counting with the presence of 30 wine producers of Port and Douro wines, between them Sogrape, Niepoorts and Churchill’s, which made a wine tasting. Thousands of people got to watch the competition, where Cálem received the final award. Manuel Cabral, president of IVDP, believes in the importance of this event for the dissemination of the Delimited Dão Wine Region, for the Port Wine cellars, and the international expansion of this nectar: “The Port Wine Day program aims to transmit the true experience of Port Wine and “Douro Vinhateiro”, pay tribute to its history and spread the world to the specialists, consumers (specially younger ones), and the rest of the world, planning the future of which is a great ambassador and host of our country.”

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