• 06-04-1987: Saint-Gobain Group has acquired the facilities of the old Glass Industry of Fontela
    12-10-1987: 4 new production lines; 1st bottle produced: Start of activity
  • 1991: New furnace with Saint-Globain technology
  • 1996: 2nd furnace with Saint-Globain Technology -> 1st place at national market
    Quality Certification ISO 9001 renewed at 27-06-2002
  • 1999: Minimization of environmental impact: The use of natural gas; Another production line on the 2nd furnace
  • 2000: Upgrade at inspection and packaging machines
  • 2001: Fabric upgrade according to the latest technologies, allowing better flexibility and quality
  • 02-01-2002: The “Glass Industry of Mondego” has given place to “ Saint Globain Mondego S.A.
    2002: Certification ISO 14001 of Respect for the Environment
  • 02-02-2003: EMAS Certification: reinforcement of the regulation ISO 14001
  • 02-2004: Certification OSHAS 18001 for Work Safety
    03-2004: Acquisition of the “Safety Diamond”: Reinforcement of the regulation OSHAS 18001
    11-2004: HACCP for Food Hygiene
  • 02-2005: Environmental License for Pollution Integrated Prevention and Control
  • 2006: Replacing of the 1st furnace for a cutting-edge technology: production increase and substitution of all production lines
  • 2007: Implementation of the ElectroFilter, the 1st at a national glass packaging company, which allowed a gas reduction to 170 tons per year, an investment of 4M (€)
  • 2008: Replacement of the 2nd furnace: More production and better quality
    06-2008: Start of the Company of Excellency Project (E2)
  • 03-2010: Launch of ECOVA range:: environmental-friendly models
    05-2010: Birth of the brand for packaging glass: VERALLIA which came up with the wish of representing company’s values: a genuine and well-succeeded alliance of strength and proximity
    29-03-2010: 1st production of new colour: Bluish-White
    18-05-2010: 1st production of the new colour- Iberian-Black
  • 2011: Launch of Verallia Industrial Model (VIM): A program of industrial excellency which aims to optimize industrial efficiency, as well as eliminate all types of losses (energy, quality, time and several expenses), at industry and administration processes
    05-2011: Inauguration of the Internal Mobility Plan
    07-2011: NP Certification 4457 for Investigation, Development and Innovation
    12-2011: Launch of the 1st “Solidary Christmas Campaign-Together, We Help!”
  • 06-2012: Premium brand of Verallia, Selective Line, steps into national market
    07-2012: Celebration of the 25th Anniversary with the presence of the Prime-Minister Dr. Pedro Passos Coelho
    10-2012: Finalist of “Security Diamonds 2012” of Saint-Globain Group
    12-2012: Becomes part of the Millionaire Club of Saint Globain (1 million of working hours with no accidents)
  • 04-2013: Acquisition of PAS 223 Certification
    09-2013: Launch of the 1st Edition of the Contest of Design & Creativity aimed to students of Design in Portugal
    10-2013: First commercial vehicles with the campaign “Together, We Love Glass”
    11-2013: Distinction of the Azorean Insurance with the Honourable Mention “Risk Management and Prevention”
    12-2013: Repairing of the 2nd furnace
  • 2014: Acquisition of the 2nd Diamond of Security
    2014: Triple-drop production technique
    02-2014: Winning of the award “Best Advertising Campaign of the Year” named by “Revista de Vinhos” Magazine to the “Best of 2013”, with 7 advertisements which reveal “Best Traits of Glass”
    03-2014: Repairing of the 1st furnace
    07-2014: 1st Prize Communication Stars of Saint Globain with the activity “Fun Factory”
    09-2014: Launch of the 2nd Edition of the Contest of Design & Creativity aimed to students of Design in Portugal
  • 01-2015: Launch of the Fluorescent Glass
    02-2015: Launch of the free app: Virtual Glass
    07-2015: 1st Prize Communication Stars of Saint Globain Group with the Advertising Campaign composed by 7 advertisements which reveal “The Best of Glass”
    09-2015: Launch of the 1st campaign “Back to School with Solidarity- Together, we build the future!” for students of basic education of Figueira da Foz
    09-2015: Launch of the 3rd Edition of the Contest of Design & Creativity aimed to students of Design in Portugal
    10-2015: A Saint-Globain announced Verallia’s selling off to Apollo Global Management LLC and Bpifrance, which hold respectively 90% and 10% of the total share capital of Verallia
    11-2015: Launch of the new Selective Line Collection “by Chantal Thomass”
    12-2015: Social distinction by the Order of the Psychologists at European Work and Organizational Conference with the 1st Prize of “Healthy Workplaces” – Local Healthy Work in the Medium Business Category
  • 2016: Repairing of the 2nd furnace
    02-2016: European Commission has honoured Verallia Portugal by its good environmental practises and EMAS Certification (EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme)
    06-2016: Launch of Verallia Easy Open, with an easy-opening system
    09-2016: Launch of the 2nd campaign “Back to School with Solidarity- Together, we build the future!” for students of basic education of Figueira da Foz
    10-2016: Certification ISO 50001 - Energy Management Systems Certification
    11-2016: Exame Magazine rewards Verallia Portugal for the 4th time- metallic minerals and non-metallic minerals
    12-2016: Launch of the 6th “Solidary Christmas Campaign-Together, We Help!”
  • 01-2017: Disclosure of the video – “5 Senses of Glass”
    02-2017: Presentation of the 1st advertisement of the new advertising campaign
    02-2017: Launch of the 4th Edition of Verallia Design Awards
    03-2017: Launch of the Academy - Being a Leader at Verallia
    03-2017: Verallia Portugal at Human Resources Special Section
    04-2017: Verallia Portugal – Innovation for Circulation
    04-2017: Verallia Portugal at Executive Digest Special Section
    05-2017: Bottle of Verallia Portugal – Sparkling Wine “Sedução” delivered to Pope Francisco
    06-2017: 30th Year Anniversary
    09-2017: Launch of the 3rd campaign “Back to School with Solidarity- Together, we build the future!”
    09-2017: New Advertising Campaign
    10-2017: Innovation Centre celebrates its 10th Anniversary
    10-2017: Transition of VIM (Verallia Industrial Model) to VIM (Verallia Industrial Management)
    12-2017: Launch of the 7th “Solidary Christmas Campaign-Together, We Help!”
  • 01-2018: Verallia Portugal featured on Marketeer
    02-2018: Verallia Portugal featured on Executive Digest
    03-2018: Verallia Portugal sponsors the ceremony “Vinhos – Grandes Escolhas”
    Verallia Design Awards 5th Edition Launch
    04-2018: Launch of the action “Little Bottle goes to schools”
    05-2018: Verallia Year Book Launch
    06-2018: Verallia Design Awards 5th Edition Awards Ceremony
    07-2018: Verallia Portugal sponsors the 11th Beira Interior Wine Competition
    09-2018: 4th Edition of the “Back to School with Solidarity”
    Verallia Social Responsibility Report Published
    11-2018: “Little Bottle goes to schools” elected “Best Practice VIM Iberian”
    Launch of “Rubis”, the first jar of the Selective Line range
    12-2018: 8th year of “Solidarity Christmas - Together We Help”
  • 01-2019: Olive Oil Museum with bottles from Verallia Portugal
    02-2019: Verallia Portugal presents new advertisement
    03-2019: Verallia Portugal present at the University of Coimbra for conference: “Bridges between Academy and Industry”
    04-2019: Publication of Verallia's Social Responsibility Report and the new “Year Book”
    05-2019: Verallia Portugal sponsors “Gala dos Vinhos do Tejo”
    Verallia Portugal visits VinExpo in Bordeaux with customers
    06-2019: Verallia Portugal receives visit from Spanish client: Condes de Albarei
    Verallia Portugal presents in MOVE Fair in Figueira da Foz
    07-2019: Launch the new version of Virtual Glass
    09-2019: 5th Edition of the “Back to School with Solidarity”
    10-2019: “Little Bottle goes to Schools”, in 2019, has reached 260 children
    Verallia Portugal present at Figueira Sea - Sustainable Expo
    Verallia Portugal Gym with Personal Trainer Program - Health, Safety and Wellness Prevention Plan
    12-2019: 9th year of “Solidarity Christmas - Together we help”
  • 05-2020: Launch Year Book 2020
    08-2020: Launch Stylebook 2021 by Selective Line
    09-2020: 6th edition “Back to School with Solidarity”
    10-2020: Verallia presents news prupose: “Re-imagine glass for a sustainable future”
    11-2020: Verallia won the EcoVadis Gold Medal
    11-2020: Asia range was launched in Portugal
    12-2020: 10th edition: “Solidarity Christmas - Together we help!” with 1000 food baskets