“Little Bottle at Schools" by Verallia continues in 2019

“Little Bottle at Schools" by Verallia continues in 2019

On March 13, 2019, Verallia Portugal returned to the "road" and the "Garrafita" visited the Abadias School in Figueira da Foz, 64 children of the first year, learned concepts of sustainability, environmental protection, recycling and glass material is the better packaging option.

Verallia Portugal constructs and disseminates, in a continuous and integrated way, social values ​​that extend from the factory to the community space. In March 2018 Verallia Portugal launched the project "Little bottle at School", which was elected in October 2018 "Best Iberian Practice", under the Verallia Industrial Management program.
Thus, in a language that is engaging and adapted to the different ages, in a playful and fun way, in 2018 this project reached 345 children between the preschool and the 1st Cycle of Basic Education.

This activity, with a theoretical-practical component, begins with a playful lecture where children discover key concepts such as environmental education, 3R's, safety at work, as well as the key processes of the glass industry that allowed them to get to know Verallia, and adapt these teachings to the day-to-day.
In the second phase of the activity, the "Little Bottle" mascot arrives, which challenges children to participate in a game focused on sustainability, recycling and values ​​of the organization, where essential values ​​such as the need to preserve ecosystems are transmitted to children, individual and interpersonal security. In addition to the educational component focused on the environment, Verallia focuses with this project on a more active approach of the community to its industrial unit, showing what it does in its day to day for sustainable development.

Verallia, starts this new year in a very positive and predicted success, and the invitations for future visits to schools with this project, have come from several schools in Portugal.

Together, we build the Future!