Innovation – Project n. 5163

Saint-Gobain Mondego, with collaboration of Portuguese Innovation Society, and with partnership with AICEP (Agency to Investment and External Trading of Portugal), moved on with an project to promote Innovation, in extent of QREN’s Innovation Incentives System, by Competitive Factors Thematic Operational Programme 2007-2013.

This investment Project has the point a better performance of productive unit at environmental, organizational and technological levels, with duration of 24 month – 1 February 2009 to 31 January 2011, surrounding a legible expense value 2.250.250€, and the incentive received until now is equal to 478.018,46€, refundable in 6 years.
Performance improvement of productive unit will be achieved essentially by acquisition of innovator technology.
Investments allowed the company to be qualified with the most advanced technology that will let an increase of packing production and, consequentially, will reinforce their competitive position.