Innovation – Project n. 27161

SGM’s customer requests focus increasingly in a high differentiation to achieve a bigger international competitive. Offering new products, with differentiator characteristics, presents problems in the case of the glass packaging. This sector typically characterized by production same article on a big scale, being particularly difficult all changing of process or product, at furnace and fusion process level (colour changing) and at glass forming process (changes in bottles and jars models), or post forming process. 

In this way, Saint-Gobain Mondego decided to present a candidature to Incentives Scheme of Innovation – N. 02/SI/2012 – designed “Technological intervention to increase mix of specific products, flexibility at forming process and environment performance improvement”.
The global amount of legible investment is 10.597.595€, which meaning, obeying all contract conditioning, a prize of 4.768.918€, reimbursable incentive that could be converted in a non-reimbursable. The period of this investment pass of between 2012-07-01 and 2014-06-30.
Investments provided in this project have as principal goal to enable SGM to answer to different market ask, by increasing it products portfolio.


First phase of the closure

Saint-Gobain Mondego ended the project designated per “Technological intervention to increase the portfolio of higher value added products, flexibility of the forming process and improving the environmental performance", conducted between 2012-07-01 and 2014-06-30. The amount of eligible investment contract was reached, and after audit by the AICEP, held on February 25, 2015, it was possible to check all equipment associated with it, and all the conditions listed in the contract.

Given the above, taking into account the specificities of such projects, with the positive assent of this audit, the closure of the project is only partial, known as Phase A, i.e., closing of the investment, being assigned only part of the premium. The next phase will be validated only with the closure of the project in full, which could be decided only in 2018.