Glass is the best material to store beer

Glass is the best material to store beer

A study from FEVE (The European Container Glass Federation) points out the three principal reasons which led it to affirm that glass is the best material to store beverages.

Glass is seen throughout Europe as a material that offers a lot of variety. The shape of the bottle can be used to convey a brand image with brewers adopting distinctive glass shapes to stand out of the crowd. According to Jane Peyton, British Beer Sommelier of the Year 2014–2015, “As we are seeing more beers becoming popular as accompaniments to food, a glass bottle on the table looks much more elegant than a can of beer. Some brands use champagne shaped bottles and champagne corks to seal them, which look fabulous”.

These are the top three reasons why glass is best for beer:

1. Consumers ask for more products in glass:
94% of consumers consider taste preservation and quality as top reason to buy beer in a glass bottle; 82% of European consumers say brands "should do more’ to bring glass packaged beverages on supermarket shelves; 79% would never buy beer in other packaging than glass for a special event.

2. True Taste and Flavor:
Glass protects the organoleptic properties of beer and preserves its taste, odour, colour, texture. It does not interact with its flavor components and prevents any transfer of flavours into or from the product.
73% of consumers say glass is the safest beverage packaging material.

3. Sustainable Innovation

a. The glass industry is a modern and innovative sector which brings healthy packaging to the environment, with an unique design;
b. Glass is 100% infinitely recyclable in a bottle-to-bootle closed loop, with no loss of quality;
c. Glass bottles are 30% lighter than 20 years ago;
d. The industry invests €610 million each year on decarbonisation, energy efficiency and upgrading its 160 plants in the EU;
e. 76% of consumers say glass is the most environmentally-friendly packaging (+50% vs.2008).

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