Glass is number one choice among European consumers

Glass is number one choice among European consumers

According to a study from Friends of Glass, a campaign from FEVE (European Container Glass Federation), 85% of the Europeans prefer packaging glass for a more sustainable and healthy life, bringing about an increase of 15% on the last eight years.

This study, made to approximately 18.000 individuals, had the purpose of measuring the evolution of consumer’s perception towards packaging glass, as glass is seen by consumers as one of the most ecological options in what concerns food and beverages storage.

However, their benefits are not entirely known by the public yet. As told by Adeline Farrelly, General Secretary of FEVE, “It’s encouraging to see that consumers are more aware of the benefits of packaging glass. Although we have positive outcome, we can’t be complacent, where one should be focused on informing consumers about glass recycling properties, as well as its singularity in what concerns sustainability.

Verallia Portugal develops glass quality dynamics every year, 100% recyclable until the end. Living in a sustainable way begins with looking after our health and our community. 53% of the sampling believes that glass is the safest material for storing food, whereas 73% choses beverages.
Verallia’s dynamic concerns about showing glass qualities, not only to older generations, but also to young communities.
As so, the company will continue to promote the use of packaging glass, as well sharing awareness for recycling, which will counterpart with its annual activities of safety, sustainability and well-being of all community.

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