“Garrafita goes to Schools” returns to Coimbra

“Garrafita goes to Schools” returns to Coimbra

The 4th show of the project “Garrafita goes to Schools” was held on 27 June, an initiative of Verallia Portugal which arises from its differentiation in the context of Social and Environmental Responsibility.

This project, which started in March in Figueira da Foz and in April in Coimbra, returned last June to the city of “Portugal dos Pequenitos”.
The mascot “Garrafita” approached 40 preschool children from the school Passo a Passo with key concepts such as environmental education, the 3R’s, safety at work, as well as the key processes of the glass industry and how to adapt these behaviours to the daily routine.
‘Garrafita’ challenged the children to participate in the game “Protection of our Environment”, in which everybody participated, focusing on the material – glass, on sustainability and on recycling for the protection of our planet.

After the ‘Garrafita’ visit, the educators informed the children’s parents about our activity and encouraged them to bring some objects from home to the school’s recycling centre, thus promoting the concepts of recycling and environmental protection already acquired.

Verallia Portugal constructs and disseminates, in a continuous and integrated way, social values that extend from the factory to the community space. It was from this desire to promote the good practices that the project “Garrafita goes to Schools” was born.

In this first semester, the project has already reached 4 schools, involving 135 children.