“Garrafita goes to Schools” has been elected the Best Iberian VIM Practice

“Garrafita goes to Schools” has been elected the Best Iberian  VIM Practice

The Social Responsibility action “Garrafita goes to Schools”, launched in March, has already reached 136 children and was elected last October as the “Best Iberian Practice”, in the context of the programme Verallia Industrial Management (VIM).

Recognised by the “Healthy Workplaces Award” as a company committed to the safety, well-being and health of its employees, Verallia Portugal implements every day a policy of Social Responsibility, Transparent Communication and VIM programme*.

It was from this will to promote the good practices and interaction with the surrounding community that the project “Garrafita goes to Schools” was born last November, aimed at children from pre-school and Primary School.
This activity, with a theoretical-practical component, begins with a playful presentation in which the children find out key concepts such as environmental education, the 3R’s, safety at work, as well as the key processes of glass industry which allow them to know the company better, and adapt these teachings to their daily lives. Focusing on sustainability, recycling and Verallia’s values, this initiative aims to transmit to children essential values such as the need to preserve the ecosystems, recycling, individual and interpersonal safety, as well as to show the multiple forms to participate: reusing resources, reducing expenses, helping to spread the message in their circles. The Mascot, ‘Garrafita’, challenges children to participate in a game in which every one of them can be the main character, in this great adventure which is the Protection of our Environment.
Besides the educational component focusing on the environment, with this project, Verallia proposes a more active proximity of the community to its industrial unit, showing what it does in search for a sustainable development.

*In order to operationalize all the company’s organic, Verallia implemented, in 2011, the project Verallia Industrial Model (VIM), a programme of industrial excellence, whose goal was to optimize the industrial efficiency and eliminate all kinds of losses (energy, quality, time and other expenses) on industrial and administrative levels. In 2017, VIM became known as Verallia Industrial Management, which means that the programme reached such a level that at the moment VIM is not just a model, but an authentic management tool. For this, there was a need for a change in mentalities and behaviours which conducted to an engagement, team spirit and initiative from all employees, with the share of good practices and investment in innovation.