Dão Wine Fair 2017 with the Sponsorship of Verallia Portugal

Dão Wine Fair 2017 with the Sponsorship of Verallia Portugal

Every year, on the first weekend of September, Dão Wine Fair takes place at the heart of the Delimited Dão Wine region, with the most renowned wine producers, in a showcase full of cultural and gastronomic richness.

The 26th Dão Wine Fair took place in Nelas on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of September, emphasizing once more the land’s terroir and the producer’s commitment.
Excellency, knowledge and elegance are the identity traits of the 26th Dão Wine Fair. Year by year, Dão Wines are conquering a privileged place on a national level.
The Fair Agenda includes the first Contest of Dão Wines, Prize “Eng. Alberto Vilhena”, to pay tribute to whom people call the architect of the Delimited Dão Wine Region. The Platform Jota - Communication, Marketing and Design Agency - have designed a trophy specially designed for this occasion, with hints of its own Dão Wine’s Visual Identity. Also inspired on what Dão and its Wines represent, the trophy stands for Elegancy and Modernity, showing the worth of the Delimited Dão Wine region and its Wines.
This year’s winners were “Wine Note 2015 Tinto” from “Quinta dos Reis” and “Teixuga Branco 2013” produced by “Caminhos Cruzados”. The judges were composed by 15 individuals (wine enologists, producers and consultants), and it was coordinated by Luís Lopes, Director of “Vinho Grandes Escolhas” Magazine.
Verallia has sponsored both trophies, one for the Best “Vinho Tinto do Dão” and another for the Best “Vinho Branco do Dão”, and they were promptly delivered by António Simões, Sales Delegate from Center Area.

The highest moments of Dão Wines recognition were experienced at the commented tasting due to the “10th Best White Wines and Red Wines from Dão Wine Fair”, with a special participation from the Wine Critic Luís Lopes and a gastronomic harmonization from Chef Diogo Rocha who also conducted “Time Machine”- a tasting experience where it was reminded some of the Fair’s traits from 25 years ago, while also anticipating a forecast for 2020.
The Book Fair, the International Veteran Football Match, the BTT Marathon of Dão and the Musical “A Música que os Vinhos Dão” were also some of the attractions which brought diversity to this event.

A public awareness about the meaning of Dão was created through the sequel “O Reino das Rolhas Perdidas” (Kingdom of the Lost Stoppers), a world which has lost track of its traditions, where a young man re-discovers the hidden magic of his beloved land, by his passion through the vines.

The musical “As Músicas que os Vinhos Dão” had its customary success, by entering to stage with a three-round performance that cheered up all visitors. The performance starts with the main character - ESCANÇÃO- inspired by the statue of the Sommelier Fernando Ferramentas, made by the sculptor Domingos Soares Branco, who intended to pay a tribute for this class of professionals. This musical was written by ContraCanto - Cultural Association of Dão. The combination of Vinhos do Dão, the producers and partners stands, the environment, the event’s corporate image, the event musicality and for the last the Musical Theatre “As Músicas que o Vinho Dão”, defines the atmosphere of a three-day Fair with pure elegance and charm.