Adega Cooperativa da Vermelha visits Verallia Portugal

Adega Cooperativa da Vermelha visits Verallia Portugal

In order to be even closer to its clients and to reinforce its partnerships and good practices, Verallia Portugal was visited by Adega Cooperativa da Vermelha C.R.L. last June.

Verallia Portugal intends to share the good practices in several business areas. Over the last few years, Verallia Portugal has been recognised in the market and distinguished with various awards for its safety and good conduct practices. Thus, with the aim of sharing the good practices, the company regularly receives its clients.

Last June, all the employees of Adega Cooperativa da Vermelha C.R.L. visited the factory. The visit began with an institutional presentation of the VEO (Verallia Easy Open), the new Selective Line tendencies for 2019, the Verallia Design Awards, among other Social and Environmental Responsibility projects, where the company proudly operates.
The presentation was followed by a visit to the factory and to the innovation room, which celebrates its 11th anniversary this year, where the interest and motivation of both parts were obvious.

Located in Cadavale, Adega Cooperativa da Vermelha C.R.L. marks its presence in national and international competitions, where the awards obtained reveal the high-level quality of its wines, projecting the recognition of the brands MUNDUS and MUNDITUS with great notoriety.

With these initiatives, Verallia Portugal, a leading company in the national market, reinforces the proximity relationships with its clients on a common basis of transparency and performance.