• 1987 
    On April 6 1987 the Saint-Gobain group acquired the old installations of the Vidreira do Mondego in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, which had been closed since 1982.  Industrial output started October 12th 1987, with the activation of an existing furnace that was based on Sorg technology. With this strategic purchase Saint-Gobain was re-enforcing its commitment to the glass packaging industry, in line with the industrial glass packaging activities in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the USA, to name but a few.  Saint-Gobain Mondego, S.A. was purchased with the explicit aim of securing a significant market share of the Portuguese glass packaging market. 
  •  1991
    The desire to execute this strategy saw the installation of a second furnace in 1991, based on Saint-Gobain technology, specifically to serve the Portuguese wine industry, the single most important market segment in the Portuguese glass packaging market.  In order to consolidate its position on the national market, it became imperative to accompany the growth of this market segment.
  • 1996
    Encouraged and motivated by its diverse customers and partners, Vidreira do Mondego in 1996 undertook a significant industrial investment in Furnace I, replacing this furnace with a new furnace based on Saint-Gobain technology.  This new furnace, dedicated to Flint and Amber glass production. Also allowed Vidreira do Mondego to again increase its production capacity, and included the purchase and integration of sophisticated state of the art equipment, the company obtained in 1996 the ISO 9001 certification.
  • 1999
    In 1999, as a means to reduce the environmental impact of production, introduced natural gas as an additional energy source.  That same year Furnace II was rebuilt and capacity in this furnace was increased, increasing total plant capacity to approximately 350 tons per day as well as adding an additional production line to the industrial set up.
  • 2000
    In 2000 the start up of this new furnace was complemented by significant investments in high tech inspection and packaging equipment.
  • 2001
    In 2001 saw the launch of a major overhaul of industrial equipment in usage, the goal being to modernize the technical equipment and thereby ensuring added flexibility as well as increased quality levels.
  • 2002
    January 2002 saw the company shed its historical name, Vidreira do Mondego, and re-brand itself Saint-Gobain Mondego, S.A., emphasizing the link to Saint-Gobain, the European market leader for glass packaging solutions and world-wide co-leader.  This direct reference to the parent company recognizes and reflects the strong commitment and dedication of all members of Saint-Gobain Mondego, S.A. staff, the loyalty, friendship and relationships with our customers and the support and respect of our suppliers. In June 2002, the ISO 9001 certification was renewed and in December of this year the ISO 14001 certification was obtained to environment respect.
  • 2003
    Day 2nd February 2003 the company obtained EMAS (Eco Management Auditing System) and this one reinforced ISO 14001.
  • 2004
    In February 2004, Healthy and Savety area from Saint-Gobain Mondego, S.A. was recognized and awarded with OSHAS 18001 certification (Organisation Health Safety Audit System). In March 2004 all the training, equipment, and effort were finally recognized when Saint-Gobain Mondego, S.A. joined an elite circle of companies within Saint-Gobain, namely companies awarded a Health and Safety Diamond.  This prestigious award honors companies that have achieved the milestone of producing for over 1 million hours without industrial incident, and is awarded by the Chief Operating Officer of Saint-Gobain.
    In November 2004, Saint-Gobain Mondego, S.A. obtained HACCP ISO 22000 (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) to respect Food Safety norms.
  • 2005
    In 18th February 2005, the company obtained Environmental License, in Prevention and Control Integrated of Pollution.
  • 2006
    In 2006 saw Saint-Gobain Mondego, S.A. undertake another ambitious industrial project, namely replacing Furnace I with a new and state of the art furnace, which not only significantly increased capacity but also led to a complete overhaul of the individual production lines.   This upward adjustment of capacity comes in response to the positive development of Saint-Gobain Mondego, S.A. commercial activities on the Portuguese market, and re-enforces our commitment to our customers and to the domestic market, where we are market leaders.
  • 2007
    During the year 2007 has been installed and activated a Electrofilter, part of the commitment of Saint-Gobain Mondego, SA for a better environment. This installation was the first in a glass factory packaging in Portugal that allowed the company to reduce its emissions to 170 tons per year. Considering that this was an investment of 4 million €, this action demonstrates the company's strong determination to be a model of company.
  • 2008
    In 2008, was born new ambitious project to replace the furnace II by a new furnace with the best technology while increasing capacity and production flexibility. This project completes the strategy of investment that took place between 2006 and 2008, which roughly corresponds to a total investment volume of 64 million €, and once again reinforces the company's commitment to its customers and partners.
  • 2010
    In 2010, Saint-Gobain met all activities related to container glass under a new identity: Verallia. The aim is to enhance the visibility and proximity to markets in industrial packaging, and the decision taken Verallia brand to strengthen and facilitate consistency of communication with customers, markets, shareholders and all employees. The vocation is also to unite all the company's teams around the values that sustain their behavior and actions: the professional commitment, respect for persons, integrity, loyalty, respect for legality, the environment, health and safety and rights of workers. The Verallia brand comes up with the desire to represent the model values of the company: a genuine Alliance and successful Force and Proximity.
  • 2011
    In 2011, Saint-Gobain Mondego, SA - Verallia Portugal was certified NP 4457:2007 Management of Research Development and Innovation (RDI), which recognizes their innovative performance and development of new products and processes.
  • 2012
    Verallia Portugal celebrated on July 6 its 25 year-anniversary. This date points out enterprise vitality that Verallia Portugal’s has there are a quarter century. This day, the company was celebrated 1.000.000 working hours without accidents. Thus, Verallia Portugal access to a very restrict club that privilege employees safety, at excellence level. In December 2012, Verallia Portugal was oficial member in “Millionaire Club Safety of Saint-Gobain”. 
  • 2014
    Verallia Portugal obtains the 2nd Security Diamond, installed the Triple Gob machine and made repair in Furnace I.
  • 2015
    Launch of Fluorescence Glass by Verallia and Virtual Glass app: free download in Apple Store.
    Verallia Portugal won award: Communication Stars from Saint-Gobain for the best campaign of publicity of the year and a second one from Portuguese Psychologists Order in the European Work and Organizational Conference, with the Prize Healthy Workplaces - Local Healthy Work in the Medium Business Category.
  • 2016
    Furnace II: repair.