Innovation Room

The main goal is to create relationship with customers and proximity to the market, which allows: 

  • A new method of communication, concerning all clients and teams of Verallia Portugal;
  • Creating a strong relationship with clients in terms of marketing and communication; 
  • Impressing the client, or working according to his ideals; 
  • Showing and having our products available, as well as some of the products by the competition;   
  • The priority will be "pull" instead of "push";
  • Very expensive Design offices being replaced by our Innovation Centre, which has become a favourite amongst our clients. 

 The link between clients requirements and the development of new technologies or products is based on 4 points, which will benefit the client: 

  • Speed and quality of service; 
  • Direct access to the know-how; 
  • 3D visualization of the final product, photographs and markings; 
  • Providing clients with real technology and services; 
  • Better relations between Design, Marketing and Performance, (or be it Production). 

The management of new technologies / Early Product Management (EPM) of the Innovation Centre enables: 

  • Customers to have greater access to innovation, which leads to a more efficient return; 
  • Customers interested, in working with the Saint-Gobain Mondego, increase when it comes to innovation in terms of packaging and competitive advantage;
  • Great interest in the Innovation Centre, by the competition. 

The management of new products / Early Product Management (EPM), is intended to: 

  • Guarantee the efficiency of our product development, if possible, in accordance with our industrial tools; 
  • Allowing for positioning or repositioning, offering our clients a partnership, allowing client loyalty; 
  • Discussing the quality of our products in an efficient and personalized manner; 
  • Working more efficiently, resulting in the creation of new products that give added value to Saint-Gobain and to our clients.